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In our center we have implemented all the mandatory measures required by the ministry of health, as well as other extras such as an ozone sterilizer purifier with radical disinfection of space. You can see its characteristics at the following link:

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In order to enjoy our services it is necessary to make an appointment.
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Erotic massages in Málaga

At Tantra Luxury, we have a team of masseuses who are perfectly trained in erotic massage. The art of massage is something we take seriously, enough to fully develop its deeper knowledge and elivate the art to its heights.

To be the best erotic masseur it is necessary, first and logically, to know the technique of massage well.

Also, it is essential to have knowledge of anatomy because the masseur must see the muscle under his hands and know the fibers the origin and the insertion of muscles.

It is also essential that erotic masseurs have an excellent physical shape, because this will allow them to adopt different positions when giving the massage, which can only be performed with the necessary flexibility. And of course it must have manual agility and sharp sensitivity in the hands. Another must is having a sense of rhythm. For this, a lot of practice is essential to become a quality masseuse.


Precious temptation

The pleasure begins in his hands and ends where his precious body decides to transcend the spirituality of both to the state of Nirvana…

Gema transmits her youth and her tenderness in each caress, in each body to body in each second that next to her, it seems like a gift.

20 years.


Sweetness and youtha

Martina is a young Spanish masseuse with sweet features and delicate beauty.

Elegant and subtle, Martina is characterized by her charming shyness….

May she invite you to discover at every moment all the secrets of her erotic magnetism.

22 years.


Angel’s look

 Spanish masseuse lover of spirituality and massages.
Silvia has a great sensitivity that she manages to transmit with her hands and her fine body.
 Elegant and delicate like a drop of rain… Silvia will glide across your skin in an unforgettable erotic dance full of energy and sensations.
34 years.


A dream that comes true

 Spanish masseuse expert in the art of sensuality and eroticism.
Alma possesses the ability to convey her charming aura through her caresses and her lush body.
Let her hand take you to another dimension…
Away from the stress and worries that occupy the day to day.
 27 years.


Sweet and captivating

Charming masseuse with exotic features.

Lola is a Spanish masseuse who stands out for her beauty and youth.

Sensual and captivating ….

Lola will envelop you with her sweetness and her angelic body, in endless new sensations that you will never want to end.

20 years


Exuberant godness

Eroticism and sensuality reach their maximum expression in the hands of this beautiful Spanish masseur.

Spanish masseuse with silk hands. Her elegance as an erotic masseuse is born from her immense sensitivity and her taste for this art is evident in every sensual touch of her body …

Her friendliness and femininity will make your experience an unforgettable memory that you will think you have dreamed of.

27 years


Beauty and elegance

Sensuality and elegance are the perfect definition for Julia, a Spanish masseuse expert in relaxation techniques.

With a slender figure and a natural simplicity that make her special.

Delicate and subtle, like a caress …

Julia will be the delight of your senses and she will make you abandon yourself in the world of peace, and her seduction.

30 years.


Erotic temptation

Eroticism and sensuality reach their maximum expression in the hands of this beautiful Spanish masseuse.

Her charm and her body as her goddess are the perfect combination to make you surrender to live with her a unique experience …

A divine moment … Full of magic And sensations that you will only understand when you meet it.

39 years.


Sensual y delicada

Spanish masseuse expert in eroticism and relaxation.
Her elegance as an erotic masseur is born from her immense sensitivity and her taste for this art is noticeable in every sensual touch of her body…
Time undoubtedly stops at Dulce’s hands … And her silk skin.
22 years


A bold beauty

Her irresistible physical appeal, her sensuality and natural seduction, along with incredible massage skills that will take you to a climax of pleasure are just some of the talents of India. Her personality, bright eyes and unique hands make her a favorite here at the Tantra Luxury.


A woman’s caprich…

Our male masseuse Isaac is manly and very attractive.
It is specialized in Tantric massage for women, although it is very known for its experience and know-how in couples massage.

From her hand you will undoubtedly get carried away, wrapped in her perfect body and blue eyes … towards a new erotic experience so intense, that it will make you forget any previous.

Book two days in advance.
Only available for women and couples.


Moreno erotic…

Young and athletic masseur specializing in Tantric massage for men.

Your dark skin and its delicacy will accompany you in a divine ritual in which the male body is the only protagonist…

Héctor has professional hands equipped to transmit relaxation and sensuality, combining feminine delicacy with a masculine physical attractiveness.

-22 years.

-Book one day in advance.

-Available for women and couples.