We are already open!
And wishing to see you again!

A safe and virus-free space

In our center we have implemented all the mandatory measures required by the ministry of health, as well as other extras such as an ozone sterilizer purifier with radical disinfection of space. You can see its characteristics at the following link:

What do you have to do to come to our center?

In order to enjoy our services it is necessary to make an appointment.
Within our space, the use of a mask by clients is mandatory.
For greater security, the client will have to follow a personal disinfection protocol when accessing the center.

We will wait for you!


Indian Room

This room is inspired by the natural beauty of India, where the origins of tantric massage come from. In this space   we evoke its intense colors, its perfumes and exotic landscapes.  Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience with the perfect backdrop for a tantric massage.

Japan Room

Art, style and mystery radiate from the beautiful islands that are Japan with its traditions of Noh theater, its hypnotizing music, and its exquisite paintings of passion, sensuality and eroticism. It is home to the geisha tradition, unique arts of relaxation and mastery of pleasure. Many unique massage secrets have come from this exciting land and we pay homage to the design of this room.


The desert landscape is one of the wonders of the world which timelessly excites our imagination and desires. The oasis has become a metaphor for all that we desire, the mirage of our minds. It is the very essence of our sense of the exotic and its traditions of sensuality, seduction and eroticism are still unsurpassed. Come and be seduced by a part of this essence that we hope to have captured in this exquisite room.