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masaje kaizen en tantra palace malaga

Kaizen Massage

Let yourself be transported to a state of bliss with our Kaizen massage. An erotic shower with a beautiful goddess is the perfect way to begin your erotic adventure.

75 minutes 200 €

Nature Massage

The most exclusive erotic massage for men. Very intense and mutual body to body massage.

45 minutes 140 €
60 minutes 160 €
90 minutes 230 €
Express 100 €
masajes tántricos en malaga para hombres y mujeres

Tantra Heaven Massage

The most tantric massage you can imagine. Discover the power of true lingam in this hand-to-hand massage.

45 minutes 120 €
60 minutes 140 €
90 minutes 200 €

Luxury Bondage Massage

The Luxury Bondage ritual combines various forms of eroticism. Going one step further, and innovating in the art of erotic massage, which does not have to be limited to the small space of the futon and tatami.

60 minutes 200 €
90 minutes 280 €

*This massage includes a suite and hydromassage bathtub in the price.

Upgrade your experience and opt for our suite with jacuzzi for only 20€ more! Available for all massages of 60 minutes and more!

masaje erotico en alhaurin de la torre

Nirvana Massage

The classic tantra massage par excellence. Mutual massage.

60 minutes 120 €
90 minutes 180 €
30 minutes 80 €
masajes eróticos en málaga para hombres

Sensual Palace Massage

The complete experience of a classic manual massage.

60 minutes 100 €
90 minutes 160 €
30 minutes 60 €
masajes tantra

Four Hand Massage

Enjoy the most intense tantra massage with our four hand massage. Two masseuses pamper you until you reach true tantric pleasure.

Receiving only – 30 minutes 150 €
Receiving only – 60 minutes 220 € 200 €
Interactive – 30 minutes 200 €
Interactive – 60 minutes 280 €
Interactive – 90 minutes 360 €

Couples Massage

If you are looking for an erotic experience as a couple, you are in the best hands. Try our tantric massages for couples with one or two masseuses.


Upgrade your experience and opt for our suite with jacuzzi for only 20€ more! Available for all massages of 60 minutes and more!

Masajes Eróticos

Erotic massages in Málaga. From the Far East we have brought the best kept secrets to get the most sensual, exciting and stimulating erotic massages, both physically and spiritually. The gentle and expert hands of our masseurs will take you to an unknown world where you will awaken all your tantric energy. When our work is done, you will end up immersed in a spiral of wonderful sensations and full of pleasure.

Our erotic massages mix the ancient manual techniques of Tantra Massage with ancient methods of Thai Body to Body Massage. Oriental philosophies conceive the body as a whole, an entity of light and our massages will give you complete satisfaction as they help integreate all the parts of your body to make you feel whole.

In all our tantric massages we act on three levels to make you open all the tantric doors of pleasure. Firstly, our sensual masseuses will work your muscles, so that you relieve the tensions of the world and immerse yourself in a new universe of delight. This will allow you to enter more confidently with the masseuses so they can take you to the second level.

After being totally relaxed, a series of delicate and smooth slides will begin all over your body. As the intensity of massage increases, the techniques of our masseuses will stimulate the erogenous zones of your body using different tantric points of excitement so that you reach a complete satisfaction with your whole being.

Through our erotic massages you will discover the best kept secrets of the East and you will reach new knowledge and rediscover your sexuality with new abilities of perception and stimulation, both physical and spiritual.

Discover our erotic massages in Malaga (click on the name for more information). You can also call us at+34 622 01 74 05  |  +34 951 35 51 61 or send us an email to to explore a new world of sensations.

As a general rule, massage serves to relax the body, harmonise our bodies and relieve the tensions generated by physical, mental or social. However, our erotic massages go a step further, as our techniques unlock the energetic points of your body to allow the desires freedom in the pursuit of hidden pleasure.

In the erotic massages we do at Tantra Luxury we engage your whole body so that the innumerable nerve endings of your skin become active. These erogenous and sensitive points, worked properly, will allow you to experience a unique massage that will take you to a new world of pleasure.

Dare to travel with us on this sensual adventure that will make you rediscover your sexuality and will give flight to fantasies that until now you believed unknown. Have this fascinating experience with us and discover the best erotic massages of Malaga.


The human body is full of nerve endings. Even in areas of our body where we think that there are hardly any, we can feel great doses of pleasure if you know the right techniques.

Actually, many parts of our anatomy can be sexually aroused. But not everyone knows how to stimulate the exact points, so it is recommended that erotic massages be practiced by skilled hands, such as those of Tantra Luxury masseuses. Nevertheless, its function is to know all those parts of the body whose stimulus can activate a person sexually, causing great excitement and an orgasm of an explosive intensity. Some of these places are well known in men and women like the clitoris, the penis, the breasts, the nipples, etc. But we are not limited to these, because our body has many erogenous zones and erotic massage helps us to explore them resulting in unequaled pleasure.

It is important to be open to the knowledge of our own body, to discover ourselves more and more. Therefore, we can help you to know what your body is capable of offering you and the pleasure that you can reach.


The ancient philosophy of tantra ensures that sexuality is more than the reproduction or immediate pleasure of orgasm, it is also a way to know yourself better, spiritual expansion and lasting feelings. With our erotic massages we follow that thought that aligns and improves body, mind and spirit.

The discipline of tantra, which means “the essential part” in the ancient Eastern languages, is focused on the expansion of the spirit through the conscious mind. It is a technique that uses the five senses to minimize the barriers of our consciousness and stimulate sexual energy beyond its primacy.

The tantric practices come from an ancient oriental tradition, hence its effectiveness. Formerly, its use was limited only to the nobility, but with time it was extended. Its aim was from the outset to align the body and the spirit to expand and develop to the maximum the hidden energy in all of us.


In our erotic massages we seek something more than the immediate pleasure of orgasm. With our techniques, we can produce health benefits for our visitors. First, we can reduce the tension in the muscles and the level of stress so that the body and mind are predisposed to receive the rest of the massage. This allows our body to release serotonin, the happiness hormone, that eliminates states like depression or anxiety.

On the other hand, we also reduce blood pressure and improve circulation in all parts of the body, including the genital area, which solves several problems that may be in that area.