Our four-hand massage in Malaga is a unique sensation when you feel how two of our masseurs walk your body with their silk caresses in perfect synchrony. This will make this four-hand massage an unforgettable experience.

The four-handed massage is only suitable for those who seek extreme pleasure, as our two masseuses will give the receiver waves of pleasure until they reach a cascade of ecstasy, enjoying the passage of one of the erotic fantasies more pleasant and common as it is a relationship of three people.

Our four-handed massage is one of the most chosen in the extensive menu of Tantra Luxury, and those who have tried it say that it is right. The masseuses will travel all over your body with their hands using the ancient tantric techniques of which they are experts. Their silky bodies will travel throughout your being, including your erogenous zones, for a totally pleasant encounter.

Enjoy a four-hand massage

If you choose this option, you will be part of an erotic triangle that you will wish to never end, as our masseuses move with the complicity of two sensual dancers. So much so that this massage is only suitable for those who wish to receive a five-star massage, an unforgettable massage.

To perform this massage with four hands, masseurs have to have a spectacular complicity, which will make you travel to a new universe of sensations. They are four hands that constantly move through all the erogenous points of your body, resulting in an experience you will not forget.

Like the rest of our massages, the four-handed massage comes from an ancient tradition. In this case comes from India, where the massage was combined with music and oils fragrant. Its origin is inspired by the Abhyanga, the traditional Indian medicine. From Tantra Luxury we consider that we must adopt that legacy and multiply the sensations and the pleasure with our erotic massages, reason why our massage of four hands offers a special and unique effect where the eroticism, the excitation and the relaxation are doubled.

Four-hand massage sessions in Malaga

Our four-handed massages usually have a duration of approximately 60 minutes, which are personalized with oils and special aromas to further enhance the skills of our skilled masseurs. Also, the music plays a fundamental role, since a relaxing and harmonious sound will allow your mind to open to new sensations offered by our precious and expert masseuses who, in a perfectly synchronized way, will get a unique sensation.

The four-hand massage is recommended for people who have high levels of stress or anxiety, or who have trouble relaxing. In our four-hand massage it is difficult to follow the precise movements of our masseuses, which increases the sensation of abstraction even more, which will lead you to better use the senses to enjoy the most of this unforgettable experience.

Come and enjoy your four-hand massage in Malaga to enjoy a unique blend of eroticism, sensuality and indescribable pleasure.

Receiving only – 30 minutes 150 €
Receiving only – 60 minutes 220 €
Interactive – 30 minutes 200 €
Interactive – 60 minutes 280 €
Interactive – 90 minutes 360 €
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