Massage in pairs is a unique experience, that will unite you with your partner much more and you will experience a rediscovery of your own bodies without precedents. In this, one or two masseuses will delight your senses and make you live an experience that will unite you more and allow you to feel your sexuality more intensely.

Enjoy our body to body massage with a single masseuse to experience the pleasure and new sensations that she will provide with unprecedented delicacy and eroticism. You can also evaluate the option of performing the massage in half equally, or give the massage to your partner while you enjoy a movie show.

With our massages with two masseuses, enjoy on equal terms with your partner. You can choose the option in which you will only be receptors or the interactive one for a totally tantric experience.

Massages as a couple will not only satisfy your desires, they also promote a more healthy, lasting and happy sexual and sentimental relationship. It also stimulates the senses and sexual imagination, reduces stress and stimulates the senses.

Tipls for practicing Tantra in couple

We recommend that those who want to enjoy tantric massage as a couple read these recommendations before visiting:

  • The main thing is to focus on pleasure during the process and not on orgasm.
  • Practice this exchange of love and energy with your partner on a frequent basis.
  • If you are tired, try it anyway. It is when you most need the exchange of energies.
  • Speak and communicate with your partner without taboos.
  • Remember that there is nothing more important than your spiritual connection.
  • For men, it is advisable not to ejaculate one out of four times and stay next to the partner after orgasm.
  • Enjoy the journey, the process that leads to sexual love.
  • Your hands are very powerful tools, use them to massage.
  • It is important to both receive and give pleasure.

Tantra considers that our body is the temple that encloses the spirit. Therefore, it is important to take care of each other to improve your body and your mind.

Remember that tantric techniques are a way to reach spiritual happiness.

Reconect throught massages in couple

According to the art of Tantra, before being with your partner you must follow the steps of deep breathing, inhaling, exhaling and feeling the energy that the universe offers you. Tantra is a game that is synchronized with the step prior to intercourse and while the sexual act is being performed. It is a lifestyle focused on stimulating our senses, with which we always achieve a stimulation of our partner.

Those who know this technique deeply assure that it helps women to be multi-orgasmic and if they have problems reaching the climax, it will help them to be able to do it and feel full women. In the case of men, it increases vigor and self-esteem, reduces impotence and lengthens the sexual session to even become multi-orgasmic.

Tantric positions in couple

In Tantra there are three fundamental positions that can be realized in pair:

  • Greeting of the Sun and the Moon: The couple embraces and the man tilts the head towards the woman’s uterus. She will do the same soon after. A position of respect and protection is maintained.
  • Position of the trunk of the tree: The woman is placed on the man and they are embraced with pendular movements.
  • Bear hug: In this position, both are fully connected and energy sweeps with the fingers from the hip to the nape.

In Tantra, it is also important to be in a relaxed and harmonious environment, to take light food, to use relaxing music, to perfume with aromas … everything for a deeper and more satisfying relationship.

It is necessary to remember that the tantric techniques are for all types of couples: for the new ones, those that reconcile, those who have lost the passion…

Nirvana Massage

One masseuse 60 minutes / 90 minutes 200 € / 260 €
Two masseuses 60 minutes / 90 minutes 280 € / 340 €

Tantra Heaven Massage

One masseuse 60 minutes / 90 minutes 260 € / 320 €
Two masseuses 60 minutes / 90 minutes 340 € / 400 €

Nature Massage

One masseuse 60 minutes / 90 minutes 280 € / 340 €
Two masseuses 60 minutes / 90 minutes 380 € / 440 €
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