Enjoy the best naturist massage in Malaga with our Nature Massage. In this mode, the massage is performed fully when the masseuse knows the body of the other person, that is why body-to-body contact is essential without any kind of censorship.

With both bodies naked, the Nature Massage allows the masseuse to slip silently through the body of the other person whilst the exchange of energy takes place and he who receives the massage is carried away by its sensuality. As tantra philosophy is based on the awakening of the senses, we have created a massage that stimulates the eyesight, since the integral naked body is always an incentive in the sensuality and allows our masseuse to perform without any impediment.

The integral nude offers the body an experience without censorship or clothes that can prevent the development of a full massage. In our naturist massage, our masseurs can transform a massage into an exotic and erotic dance that walks with the body of our clients. Its techniques and abilities make this naturist massage an experience that our clients never forget.

Thanks to our naturist massages, it is possible to enjoy the sight and the touch of our massages, since it stimulates both senses. This will give the recipient a sense of pleasure and enjoyment above normal and will expand their senses. Therefore, we urge you to visit us and try our naturist massages in Malaga.

The naturist massage in Malaga: the art of touch

The word massage is an ancestral term since it comes from the old Hebrew word massech, which comes to mean to feel or touch. With the naturist massage, the key lies in the body to body touch of skin with skin and spirit with spirit, making a special treatment in our erogenous zones.

It is the foreplay of excitement that is ideal for the sexual relationships since it increases the hormonal levels to the same level that the sexual games that we play. From Tantra Luxury, we strongly recommend doing this type of massage for those already in an intimate relationship and we have other recommendations if you want to follow the path of the tantra.

Keys to how to give a good naturist massage

1- It is important to create an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort that leads to complete relaxation.

2- Slide your hands over your partner’s body and press down with your fingertips gently, like a caress.

3- Then massage the shoulders and the neck to reduce muscle tension.

4- Gently slide your hands to your waist and climb up your back, gently squeezing your thumbs at the sides of your spine.

5- Put yourself on your knees, walk your hands down your thighs gently until you reach your buttocks, which you have to massage gently.

6- Lower to the calves and, with circular movements, massaging them gently. This will make your partner give more. Try to also massage your feet, as they are important points where clusters of tension are created.

7- Try to alternate several parts of your body, but pay special attention to the lips, earlobes, your chest and your pubic triangle, which you should massage with special delicacy.

If you want to enjoy an authentic naturist massage, come to Tantra Luxury in Malaga and enjoy our techniques and sensual skills. Our naturist massage is erotic, pleasant and different. Reaching full excitement without using sex will open your mind and potentiate your spirit in an unknown way.

Effects of our Nature Massage

  • It increases the excitement and desire of our partner.
  • Stimulates your erogenous zones to achieve one or more intense orgasms.
  • It gives creativity to our sexual relations. It breaks with the monotony and provides new experiences and sensations.
  • It improves the blood circulation of the receptive zone, a reason why it increases the sensations that we receive.
  • It significantly relaxes and decreases stress.
  • It excites and prepares our partner for a later sexual relationship.
45 minutos 140 €
60 minutes 150 €
90 minutes 230 €
Nature Express 30 minutes 100 €
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