Enjoy a tantra massage in Malaga that will take you to a paradise beyond the grounds of imagination. Our masseuse and your skin, accompanied by sacred oils and intoxicating music will take you to a state of ecstasy from which you will not want to return. Her caresses will surround you and will envelop you like the stream of an idyllic and gentle river. The intensity of this unique and forbidden experience will increase, making you more and more able to perceive the hidden pleasures that your body offers.

During this massage Tantra the massage therapist will intergrate a continuous and sensual body to body massage with relaxation and with pressures exerted by her palms, knees and thumbs. This causes the sensations to be much deeper and more sensual, giving the impression that the two bodies merge into one entity of pleasure.

In addition, in this interactive tantra massage you will be able to enjoy the caresses of your masseur and her of yours, since both you will travel in a passage of sensuality in which she will be in charge to guide you. This will trigger a level of sensations unknown and your body will reach a climax that will allow you to reach the authentic Nirvana.

The massage will end with a delicate cranio-facial massage that will restore you to reality and balance after the intense journey. From now on you can experience an authentic tantra massage in Malaga with us, let us accompany you.

How is our Tantra massage in Málaga

For all the team that make up Tantra Luxury, tantric massages are acts of love, affection and the need to share feelings. Our tantra massage is a caress that can be given or received by adapting to the needs of each one, but which in any case is a healing and sensual measure. It is a dance of two bodies that share energy in a special and mystical moment.

Ancient peoples, such as the Chinese, the Indians, or the Egyptians, already knew this massacre thousands of years ago. In fact, they are a fundamental part of traditional Chinese medicine. You can not leave aside a legacy of such value. That’s why at Tantra Palace we decided that all our massages are based on the ancient tantric tradition.

Tantric massages in Málaga

From Tantra Luxury we consider tantra massage an art. That is why we say that the tantric massage, if it expresses itself freely and lets the artist work, then masseuse will express all her sensuality and sensitivity. So, all we ask is that you relax and that you come without expectations or demands and enjoy the mystical trip that is Tantric Massage.

The western way of seeing life is to get the benefit as soon as possible. The result is what’s relevant and the end of the journey is what matters. It is necessary that we change this conception based on goals and enjoy the trip to be able to enjoy to the maximum of our tantric massages.

This change in mentality is based on enjoying every moment, every stop, every kilometer of crossing. Therefore, the important thing is to open the mind to new things, to different ways of seeing life and enjoy new horizons regardless of the outcome, with the sole objective of enjoying the most with the trip.

The pleasure of feeling without sex

It is possible that we have lived those moments of love in which time stops, life stops and we only feel our spirit and that of the person we love. Unfortunately, this feeling is usually lived in very short periods. From Tantra Luxurywe want to change this, elevating this connection and prolonging it. Traditional Tantra tries to overcome the cult of sex, with sensual and mystical dances that allow you to feel more and reach further.

Our Tantra massages are techniques that far from exhausting you, will fill you with the sexual energy sometimes so necessary in sexual relations. For tantra philosophy, it is essential to taste every moment of life through all the pores of our skin, so in our tantric massages you will begin to feel sensual caresses for your feet, ankles and legs to go up, in intensity and in your body until Reach your abdomen, waist, chest, arms, hands, neck and face but without touching your genitals.

The artistic technique of Tantra massages

This massage method reaches a crescendo in intensity while our masseur releases the energetic points so that you feel all the pleasure that your body can provide you. Later, as the massage develops, whoever receives the massage can feel the energy circulating through his body and feels full of life and energy.

When you are truly aroused, all energy flows through your body until it reach the genitals, without them being directly stimulated. So then, if we want to end with an orgasm, even if this is not the purpose of tantric massage, you will get sensations much more electrifying than usual. Enjoy your tantric massage in Malaga.

60 minutes 120 €
90 minutes 180 €
30 minutes 80 €
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