Enjoy our relaxing tantric massage in Malaga. With them, you will feel how our experienced masseurs will discover for you with their massage secrets and their silky bodies. You will feel that your energy will flow in line with that of the masseuse and you will reach a previously unknown pleasure with sensations that you believed to be forgotten.

In our Sensual Palace massage, the masseur will begin to let you forget your worries by means of gentle pressures on your legs, buttocks and back, then expand to other erogonous zones and you will reach a complete relaxation as well as total confidence with the masseur. Gradually you will begin to feel our masseur envelop you with her limbs in a sensual dance that will stimulate your skin, increase your erotic fire and your reception of pleasure.

Everything will increase gradually. So much so, that the more you relax the more intence your pleasure becomes so that before you have realized, the exercise of the masseuse has lead you to secret pleasures known only by a few, finally arriving at an explosive and intense climax.

The massage will end with a foot massage that will recover you from such an electrifying experience and revitalize you. This massage is passive in its entirety, so all you need is to lie down and relax as much as possible so that our masseur can give free rein to her expert hands. Just call us, at Tantra Luxury we are at your disposal.


¿What are Tantric massages?

This type of massage has already existed for 5,000 years. Its birth is located in the ancient East, in whose spiritual society there developed a method of massage that sought more than instant pleasure but to deactivate the intellectial mind and put our sensations first. Despite having a strong connection with eroticism and sensuality, its connoisseurs say that it goes one step further.

Its essence, therefore, is that as the mind is invaded by our most mundane concerns such as anxiety, stress, haste … the tantric massage seeks to discard all of that for a while and allow us to be able to connect with ourselves, with our interior. Once we forget our most mundane concerns, then when our mind connects with our spirit and our senses are reactivated, allowing us to discover the fullness of each sensation. Therefore, the tantric massage allows us to contact our inner being, which we believed was lost, and to find a sense of peace and spiritual stability.


Tantric massages are unique for those who receive them

The philosophy of Tantric massage understands that each mind has a natural rhythm of getting used to changes and new experiences. The first time you receive it, the person may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. However, this slowly changes as you relax and discover new sensations, as you let go.

This type of massage stands out for the great amount of benefits it has, but above all it should be noted the relief it produces against stress. The body, the mind and the spirit suffer daily the ailments of the routine, but tantric massage allows the natural release of endorphins so that we can feel like new. This also allows better regulation of blood pressure, which stimulates an improvement in the vasodilation of our blood.

If you want to feel the experience, try our tantric massages and travel to a new world free of worries, it will be a discovery that you will want to repeat.

60 minutes 100 €
90 minutes 160 €
Sensual Palace Express 30 minutes 60 €

Upgrade your experience and opt for our suite with jacuzzi for only 20€ more! Available for all massages of 60 minutes and more!