Tantra massages in Málaga

The main concern of Tantra Luxury Sensual Care is the satisfaction of our customers, so we have created the Tantra Heaven massages, only suitable for the more daring. With this pleasure will accompany you throughout the session thanks to a double genital stimulation, at the beginning and the end of the session.

This is the most erotic and complete massage of all that we have, bringing an orgasm of incredible intensity.

In these massages, our masseurs will use all their knowledge and offer you thai massage techniques, body to body, tantra massage … The connection you will feel with the masseuse will be complete and the eroticism of a sublime ecstasy.

Come and enjoy one of our most complete massages that will provide you with incredible sensations and an immeasurable pleasure. Even if you think that during the time the massage flies, maybe as others have, you change your perspective of life. So much so that after feeling our tantra massages in Malaga you will want to repeat the experience.

The conscious touching art

Many cultures all over the world know the value of the technique known as hand laying. In tantra, touch is one of the primordial senses to achieve fullness and redirect energy to be able to feel and enjoy all the sensations that our skin can provide.

In the philosophy of tantra, the hands are not the only organ of touch. It relies on the power of all skin to redirect energy to the points that provide us with better sensations and thus unleash an energetic torrent of total pleasure. Therefore, from tantric thought it is necessary to redirect energy consciously to fully develop our life force.

Ways to play Tantra

In tantra thought, touch is a fundamental element and there are several types of energy transmission through this formula. One of these forms is the static touch, where both hands are placed on another person without moving. When the hands are still, there is an exchange of energy between our right hand (which emits energy) and the left (which absorbs it).

Another way is mobile touch, which is the technique we use most in Tantra Luxury through our tantra massages. The mobile touch travels by means of frictions to different intensity and duration through the skin or with specific patterns (circles, spirals …) that include a kneading touch in several points of the body. In Tantra, touching can be translated as “kissing with hands”. As in kissing, there are various forms of intensity and intention. That is why, our massages are increasing in sensations and are performed by seven levels that will allow you to feel beyond what you would have imagined.

At Tantra Luxury Sensual Care, you will enjoy our Tantra massages in Malaga, whatever your current need. Our techniques will make you, whatever your needs are at that moment, feel full and satisfied. You just have to come and try it.

60 minutes 140 € 120 €
45 minutes 120 € 100 €
90 minutes 200 € 160 €
Upgrade your experience and opt for our suite with jacuzzi for only 20€ more! Available for all massages of 60 minutes and more!